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What are the types of medical doors?


What are the types of medical doors? According to the p […]

What are the types of medical doors? According to the place of use, we can divide them into general hospitals, including ward doors, clinic doors, radiology room doors, operating room doors, access doors, toilet doors, fire access doors, etc. There is a special door for the mother and baby room.
Ward doors generally use the size of a child-mother door to facilitate entry and exit of the beds. Observation windows are added to the doors to facilitate medical staff to observe the internal conditions of the ward at any time. At the same time, many ward door designs will also add bright windows to enhance the lighting of the space.
The clinic doors are generally single-opening, and observation windows and bright windows can also be added. The door of the radiology department is also the door of the CT room, which is also called the anti-radiation door. The inside of the door must contain lead plates and have good airtightness. Due to the addition of lead plates, the weight of the radiation-proof door is very high, and manual opening is difficult to use in daily life, so the radiation-proof door is generally opened by electric.
The operating room door is mainly made of clean plates, which is easy to clean, and the opening method needs to use foot induction or non-contact induction to ensure that the medical staff does not touch any objects before entering the operating room.
The access door is generally double-opening, and there are also double-opening methods to facilitate the entry and exit of the hospital bed.
The bathroom door should be steel door or aluminum alloy door, or wooden door with good moisture resistance.
As the name suggests, fire exit doors are fire doors and must have a fire protection qualification certificate.

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