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What are the sterilization equipment in the purification workshop?


The continuous sterilization equipment in the purificat […]

The continuous sterilization equipment in the purification workshop mainly includes continuous heating equipment and temperature maintenance equipment. In the cylindrical tower of the tower heating equipment, there is a seamless stainless steel pipe drilled with many small holes for introducing steam. The diameter of the small holes is 5-8mm. The number is related to the cross-sectional area of ​​the pipe, and the top is sparse and the bottom is dense. The jet heating equipment has a simple structure, low noise and stable operation. However, the maintenance tank uses more valves during the operation. Finally, the residual culture medium cannot overflow from the upper pipeline, only to be pressed out through the tank bottom pipeline, which is troublesome to operate.
Compressed air sterilization equipment usually uses air filters to filter and sterilize the air; air filtration technology is mostly used in ventilation and air-conditioning air intake systems to purify dust particles in the atmosphere and make the indoor air cleaner. The use of air filters can Capture sub-micron particles; the fibrous structure of the air filter often uses metal mesh, non-woven fabric or special paper filter material, and different filter materials can be used according to different purification requirements, but the filter material used is relatively large ; The inlet mass concentration of the air filter is generally lower than 5mg/m3, and some of its outlet mass concentration can be as low as 1m3 air with a few particle counts; the filtration speed of the air filter is higher, generally 0.1-2.5m/s. Air filters can be divided into primary filters, medium efficiency filters, and high efficiency filters according to their filtration efficiency. The filter material of high-efficiency filters is generally filter paper made of ultra-fine glass fiber or synthetic fiber. According to the filter element structure, it is divided into two types: with partition and without partition. Without partition, the filter volume is small and the performance is better. The partition filter has been improved.
The clean workbench can form a sterile, dust-free local purification space on the operating table. Its main components include pre-filters, high-efficiency filters, fan units, static pressure boxes, shells, countertops and supporting electrical components. The clean workbench has enough air supply, select the appropriate air flow shape and reliable filter device to ensure the required air cleanliness level; when there is an exhaust device, the necessary exhaust treatment device or technical measures should be selected to achieve It does not pollute the indoor and outdoor environment emission requirements; low noise, low vibration, meets the requirements of relevant standards and specifications; the operating surface is smooth, flat, without unevenness, and prevents dust accumulation; the airflow distribution on the operating surface in the workbench should be uniform and adjustable ; Workbench work and air cleanliness and other special requirements should be automatically controlled. At least necessary display instruments should be installed to display the working status of the workbench; the filter in the workbench should be easy to disassemble and assemble.

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