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What are the fire hazards and precautions for color steel plates?


Color steel sandwich panels are all advantages, it is e […]

Color steel sandwich panels are all advantages, it is economical, cost-effective, easy to install, and is the best choice for temporary housing construction. However, there are many news reports on color steel construction, and most of them are negative news. In fact, color steel house is a kind of light steel H-shaped steel and channel steel as the skeleton, sandwich panel as the wallboard material, and standard modulus series. For space combination, the components are connected by bolts or welding, which is a new concept of environmentally friendly economical house. It is widely used in industrial plants, workshops, warehouses and temporary residences. In fact, color steel plates of unqualified quality are used in the market now, just a little bit, especially foam color steel plates, so today I will share with you the fire hazards and fire protection problems of foam color steel plates.
Foam sandwich panel
1. Fire hazard of foam color steel plate
(1) The accumulation of high temperature and dense smoke makes it difficult to fight fires. The color steel plate structure building is relatively closed. When polymer sandwich materials such as polyurethane foam or polystyrene foam are burned, a large amount of high temperature and dense smoke will be generated, which makes the building full of dense smoke in a short time and accumulates a lot of heat, which is extremely important for fire fighting. Great difficulty.
(2) Poor fire resistance and easy to form large area collapse. Color steel is a non-combustible material at room temperature, but its strength will decline rapidly when it is grilled with flames. Especially when a large-span building is on fire, the color steel components are very susceptible to distortion and deformation due to high temperature, which will cause the building to collapse in a large area.
(3) The scale of the building is large and it is easy to form a three-dimensional burning fire. Because of the high strength, light weight, and convenient construction of colored steel buildings, the scale of buildings is generally large. In the event of a fire, a large amount of flue gas heat spreads upwards through various pipes and channels, which easily forms a three-dimensional combustion situation.
(4) Easy to cause casualties. In the event of a fire, the flammable polymer materials such as foam filled in the color steel plate will gradually increase the threat to people due to the increased concentration of toxic and harmful gases or impurities produced by incomplete combustion.
(5)  The wires and cables used in the color steel house are mostly counterfeit and inferior products, which are easy to age. Because the wires and cables are embedded in the interlayer, the aging wires and cables can easily ignite the core material in the interlayer.
Color steel room
2. Pay attention to fire safety
(1) During use, some heat sources and fire sources should not be close to the color steel plate, but a certain distance should be kept.
(2) If you want to set up a kitchen in the color steel plate room, you need a temperature insulation layer.
(3) The wires and cables should not pass through the color steel plate. If they need to pass through, a protective sleeve should be added. The sockets and switch boxes should be metal galvanized boxes and use surface mounting methods.
(4) Simple fire-fighting equipment should be equipped indoors and outdoors, and fire alarms should be installed if conditions permit to facilitate quick evacuation of personnel.
(5) The Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security requires: nurseries, kindergartens, nursing homes, welfare homes, boarding schools, hospitals and other densely populated places shall not be constructed with color steel plates lower than A-level requirements; for densely populated places constructed with color steel plates, Those who are below the A-level requirements must not pass the fire protection design review, acceptance or record and random inspection; for the public gathering places built with color steel plates that are below the A-level requirements, they must not pass the use and pre-business fire safety inspection; It was found that the densely populated places built with color steel plates are temporarily sealed up if they are below the A-level requirements, and they are ordered to change their use. If they cannot be changed, they must be demolished.
Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of the product when buying color steel plates. Do not buy foam color steel plates. Once a fire occurs, it will pose a great threat to personal and property safety. And when we live in color steel plate buildings, we must also take fire-fighting measures and pay attention to circuit laying.

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