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Is the medical door and the ward door the same kind of door?


Although used in the same field, there are still some d […]

Although used in the same field, there are still some differences between medical doors and ward doors. The medical door includes a wider range, including operating room door, clinic door, passage door, ward door... it can refer to all the special doors in the hospital.
The ward door is generally only used in the ward area to isolate the aisle and the ward, so that an independent space is formed inside the ward. The door of the ward can be single door, double door or double door, depending on the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, the ward door is installed with a child-mother door.
The son-mother door is a special double door leaf, which is composed of a door leaf with a smaller width and a door leaf with a larger width. Fix the small door leaf and open the door leaf normally to facilitate daily entry and exit. When a hospital bed or a larger wheelchair passes, it is necessary to open both large and small door leaves at the same time to maximize the opening of the door opening, which is flexible and convenient.
Features of ward door
1. Waterproof and moisture-proof
The daily cleaning work of the hospital is also a great training for the ward door. If the door of the ward is not waterproof or moisture-proof, it may bulge and peel, and if it is more serious, it will mold and rot. Therefore, the ward door must have excellent water resistance.
2. Firm and not shake
There are people coming in and out of the ward area every day. Medical staff perform regular inspections, prescribe medications, doctors check beds, and visits by relatives. The doors of the hospital’s wards are opened and closed hundreds of times a day. If the door frame and door frame are not strong enough, the use of the door will undoubtedly go out. problem.
Three, impact resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance
The door of a hospital room will inevitably be hit by hard blocks such as hospital beds and disabled wheelchairs. In addition, the hospital is a public place, crowded with people, and violent applications such as kicking and slamming doors are unavoidable. If the compressive strength of the special hospital door is insufficient, it will surely cause the inner door to be unable to be used normally again.
In addition, the doors of hospital wards are disinfected with disinfectants every day, and it is very easy to shed skin and fade due to the erosion for many years. In addition, the sweat in the hands of people is also very eroded. The flow of passengers in the hospital is quite large. Excessive sweat infiltration will undoubtedly make the door fade.

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