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How to maintain the clean workshop? (2)


Maintenance standards for fresh air unit: 1. Check whet […]

Maintenance standards for fresh air unit:
1. Check whether the screws, nuts and parts are loose;
2. Check the elasticity and wear of the air chamber seals and sealing rubber gaskets, and replace with new ones if necessary;
3. Clean and disinfect the air filter belt (net) to clean the dust on the surface of the machine;
4. Clean and lubricate the bearings;
5. Check the electrical circuit, maintain or replace the damaged part;
6. Check the soft joints of the air duct, and repair it in time if there is any air leakage;
7. Replace or adjust the belt tension of the unit.
3. Maintenance standards of clean system:
1. Check the operating current value and noise of the fan of the combined air cabinet;
2. Check whether the bearing needs to be greased;
3. Check whether the protection device will protect normally;
4. Clean the filter screen of the return air outlet and replace it if necessary;
5. Check for aging or damaged accessories;
6. Clean the initial filter bag and replace the filter bag if necessary;
7. Check whether the medium efficiency and high efficiency filter needs to be replaced;
8. Adjust the pressure difference of each functional room in the clean system.

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